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DAVID GOAD helps people
communicate with
clarity and confidence,
and teams to collaborate
with less friction.


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When you get grilled

I’d rather be grilled slowly over a medium flame than grilled by Congress. It’s like being in court with multiple prosecutors hurling trap questions at you designed to humiliate and embarrass and serve their own agendas to get re-elected. And you have no judge or defense attorney yelling “I object.” If you ever get the…

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David Goad is known as the “go to” expert for helping people communicate with clarity and confidence, and helping teams to collaborate with minimal friction. Whether he is keynoting, conducting interactive workshops or coaching individuals to be more effective, David is committed to bringing out the best in your people. His 30 years of marketing experience in companies of all sizes combined with being a full-time technology talk show host for over 18,000 people, has caused him to become one of the most sought-after speakers in his field. He weaves humorous real-life stories into each message and customizes every program to meet the specific needs of your team and industry.

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