© Copyright 2012 - David Goad - All Rights Reserved. Motivational Speaker and Author Highlights                                                                                                                                           I began blogging on Feb. 19, 2009. Short Stories with a Point grew out of motivational speeches I was delivering in Toastmasters and the more I wrote, the more I discovered about myself.  The more I shared, the more readers shared with me.  It's my way of putting positivity back out into the universe.  I encourage you to subscribe and pass on the stories that move you. 30 second video introduction. This "greatest hits" compilation of autobiographical parables includes 78 stories centered on Values, Giving, Motivation, Taking Chances, Positive Attitude and Love. There's a special chapter called "Fundraising" which recounts my first marathon experience. I ran in solidarity with my brother Jeff, who is battling Multiple Myeloma. All proceeds from this book in 2012 will be donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, developing the treatments that are saving my brother's life and making a difference for cancer patients around the world. "My brother David's stories transport you back to moments of truth in your life, and remind you of lessons relevant to your life today.  He has inspired me in  my battle against cancer, and helped give me a new sense of purpose.  This  book will have a positive impact on anyone searching for meaning in their lives."  -Jeff Goad I share motivational messages with people looking for change in their lives, using storytelling to inspire and entertain.  I tailor speeches to non-profit groups on the following themes: What's Your Point? (how purpose drives success) Finding Your Fit (how marketing principles apply to job search) The Value of Volunteering (validate and motivate your volunteers) Learn more Fundraising Jeff Goad and wife Ramona at 2011 Marathon. Made with Xara Jeff, David and Brad Goad are running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for MMRF cancer research. Click here to donate!
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